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Dr. Ronald Palm - Family Medicine

Most Americans don’t realize what we really have for medical insurance is catastrophic insurance. On average, we pay $100 to $400 per paycheck for our insurance premiums, and then still have to pay a deductible of $500 to $5,000 before insurance really kicks in. Now we are also having to pay 10%-30% of what they call Co-Insurance. This means we are responsible for paying 10%-30% of the overall office visit bill even after the deductible is paid. Why are we paying so much and why are health care costs rising? The answer is the insurance companies. They are getting more than $ .42 of every dollar spent in medicine. That is why they can afford to put their names on stadiums and arenas.

What does this get us? A quick 10 minute visit with a physician who you may or may not know and who has their nose in a computer the whole time. Why pay deductibles and Co-Insurance to the insurance companies and get very little time and access to your physician in return? This is not how medicine is supposed to be practiced. This is not how I envisioned practicing medicine when I went into family medicine 20 years ago. I want to take medicine back to the way how it is supposed to be practiced.

Back to the patient-physician relationship. Back to where I can spend time with patients and thus able to give better medical care. Back to where patients have access to myself and my staff and not a call center. Back to where my patients know me and I know them. Back to were going to the doctor did not mean taking out a loan. This is being done across the country and at much lower costs to you the patient with a medical movement called Direct Primary Care. I really hope you will join me.

It's time to re-connect with your doctor

Typical medical practices and hospitals have their doctors focusing on piles of paperwork. With Direct Primary Care, Dr. Ron is able to focus his time on his patients. You won’t have to deal with long lines, crowded waiting rooms, or appointments that are booked months out. With Direct Primary Care, you’ll feel like Dr. Ron isn’t only your doctor, but someone you can truly talk to.

No crowded waiting rooms.
Unlimited access to your doctor.

With no crowded waiting rooms or lines, Direct Primary Care is how you always wished your trip to the doctor would be. You’ll have around the clock access to your doctor not only with visits to the office, but advice over the phone as well, all through a convenient phone app that connects you directly with Dr. Ron.